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Trunking 93 U23X System

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    Col·legi d’Enginyers Graduats i Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona

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    34 - 934961420

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    Assembly required

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    EN Language Английски

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препратка: ENGINYERS BCN BIM Library
Единична цена: -
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Manufacturer: Unex Aparellaje Eléctrico, S.L.

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Telephone; +34 933338700


General conditions of sale

Prices: the prices in force at the time of supply shall be applied. The prices are those published on this website and do not include VAT. URL:

Order quantities: Complete packages will be supplied.

Freight:In charge of the buyer.

Returns: No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from Unex aparellaje eléctrico, S.L. and only for reasons attributable to it.

  • Inner lid, for adapting mechanisms.
  • Rectangular profiles with simple and flat lines that allow the product to be attached or embedded in walls (partitions, partitions, etc.) and furniture.
  • Fixed partitioning, with independent covers and divisible compartments, with separating partition and mechanism boxes.
  • Design
  • Length: 2m. Facilitates the transport of the carcass.
  • Base perforated every 250mm. Speed up channel assembly
  • Colour: Aluminum RAL9006
  • It has the necessary functional elements to mount the channel as a skirting board s/REBT.
  • The rigidity of the channel absorbs irregularities in the wall.
  • Protected by film. It guarantees that the product remains in perfect condition during transport and commissioning.
  • Installation
  • System of two-piece mechanism adapters that offers the possibility of installing any common mechanism on the market, guaranteeing a solid and secure fixation.
  • Pressure assembly of the cover and finishing elements. Removable using tools.
  • Possibility of installing Corners that protect the communication cables respecting the radii of curvature.
  • Assembly instructions
  • In order to comply with the characteristics defined in this document, the installation must be carried out in accordance with the assembly instructions that are supplied in the main product packaging and are also available on the page.
  • Designed for the most demanding architectural and interior design
  • The aluminum color integrates aesthetically into any type of space.
  • Possibility of choosing the mechanism that best suits the environment.
  • It can be attached or embedded in walls and furniture.
  • Standard product and immediate availability.
  • Insulating material.

  • Общи условия: Consult the technical data sheet of the product.
    Страна на продажба: Андора, Испания, Португалия,
    Masterformat Код - описание: 26 05 36 - Cable Trays for Electrical Systems,
    UNSPSC Код: 39121201
    UNSPSC Описание: Cable trays
    Uniclass 2.0 Код: Pr_80_77_12
    Uniclass 2.0 Описание: Cable Trays
    OmniClass Код: 23-35 33 19
    OmniClass Описание: Electrical Cable Trays
    COBie Категория: -
    IFC Описание: IfcCableCarrierSegment:
    Сертификати: -
    Очаквания полезен живот: Consult the technical data sheet of the product.
    височина ( mm ): 0.00
    широчина ( mm ): 0.00
    дълбочина ( mm ): 0.00
    техническа характеристика: Consultar la ficha técnica del producto.
    Материали и покрития: -
    разходите за енергия: -
    Ниска емисивност материал: -
    Ниска емисивност финала: -
    Процент от рециклирани материали: -
    URL на данни за околната среда: -
    Общи данни за околната среда: -
    URL на продукта:
    CE сертификат:
    How to install the CANAL 93 aluminum color
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