Bimetica is the first international platform for Quality BIM objects. Much of the BIM objects contained in the platform are developed and audited with the GDO-BIM Standard.

The download of the objects is free for professionals who require it for their inclusion in projects.

For manufacturers of products and materials, the Bimetica platform becomes a strategic partner, since it not only offers visibility to an international community of professionals, but also offers global management tools to optimize investment in BIM.

Where we are

If you want to contact us or request information, you can send us an e-mail to or contact our offices:

Bimetica Spain (Head Office)

Villarroel Steet No 11, ground floor 1, Calafell (43820), Tarragona, Spain. Tel .: + 34 932267322

All the members of the Bimetica team are aware of the environmental and social needs that surround our environment. That is why we promote BIM technology, whose objective is to develop more efficient projects, respecting the environment. At Bimetica, we believe that a commitment to sustainable development is a factor of business success. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage companies and professionals in the construction world with ethical arguments to be able to act more responsibly.

At Bimetica we want to go further. Companies are increasingly related to the phenomena that affect society, it is for this reason that at Bimetica we assume a series of responsibilities and commitments with NGOs that develop projects aimed at improving the infrastructure and quality of life of society.

It is the small gestures that produce the great changes and make the difference. Contributing to the development of society means improving the conditions of our environment and with it, the quality of life.

Bimetica is an information technology company applied to the construction world, whose vocation is to provide product information and promote high-quality BIM content, with human capital being the most valuable asset. That is why we follow a selection process of architects, engineers and modelers responding to the following premises: concept of quality and work performance, recognized professional experience, vision of the future and human quality.

If you are interested in joining our team and have computer or software skills with a focus on the construction sector, send us your resume to

Bimetica will add the CV to a job bank and will contact the applicants whenever it is convenient. Bimetica will treat the information provided in accordance with the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data.

Bimetica will treat the information provided in accordance with the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data.

We grow every day and we want to have the best team. Be our partner and be part of the BIM business with Bimetica!

Más información:

At Bimetica we want to facilitate your work with BIM tools.

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