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Reference: -
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Presentation and sale of the product: Ethafoam® 2222 is a closed-cell polyethylene foam material designed for use as a resilient acoustic insulation layer in concrete floor structures.
Description: Minimal moisture retention – closed-cell structure allows use in humid environments. ● Lightweight – easy to install. ● Low profile installation – minimal increase in floor height. ● Ageing resistance – formulated to withstand degradation caused by alkaline n concrete floors. ● Highly resilient – withstands the rigours of an on-site environment. ● Versatile – can be installed as single or multiple layers dependent on space and performance requirement.
General conditions: Superior impact sound insulation – conforms to European Building Standards. Ethafoam 2222 has Technical Approval: ITB-KOT-2017/0328 edition 1.
Country of sale: Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom,
Masterformat Code - Description: -
UNSPSC Code: -
UNSPSC Description: -
Uniclass 2.0 Code: -
Uniclass 2.0 Description: -
OmniClass Code: -
OmniClass Description: -
COBie Category: -
IFC Description: -:
Certificates: -
Expected service life: 50 years
Height ( ): 0.00
Width ( ): 0.00
Depth ( ): 0.00
Technical characteristics: Thickness 5mm y 10mm Density 33 kg/m3 L'nT,w = 52 dB (acc. to EN ISO 140-7:1998)
Materials and finishes: closed-cell polyethylene foam
Energy cost: -
Low emissivity material: -
Low emissivity finish: -
Percentage of recycled materials: -
Environmental data URL: -
General environmental data: -
Product url:
CE certificate:
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