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On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions. You can use the search bar with keywords to obtain better results.

If you can´t find an answer to your question, please contact us via email at is a free platform that distributes BIM objects (Revit Families, Archicad, IFC, AECOsim, etc.), 3D Blocks, PDF Technical Sheets and other content with information on construction products. This BIM Library addresses two well-defined indutry groups:

Indutry Professionals: Surveyor, Architect, Technical Architect, Builder, Consultant, Decorator / Interior Designer, Draftsman, Project Manager, Student, Civil Engineer, Electrical Installer, Renewable Energy Installer, Plumbing Installer , Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Professor, BIM Technician and others. Create your account

Construction companies: any company that manufactures or distributes products used in the design and construction process. puts manufacturers or distributors of products in contact with professionals who are looking for information about relevant products. This system, based on downloading files, generates feedback between the information offered and the demand; optimizing market knowledge and construction projects. Create your account as a manufacturer

In order to download BIM objects, or any other type of content from the BIM Library, you simply have to create your account. Once you are a registered user you will be able to access all the information on the products, make requests, attach products to your projects, and access other specification tools.

To create your account you must access "User registration" or "Manufacturer registration". When you register we will ask you for some personal data to offer you a better service. Personal data will be stored and protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

To edit your information, you must access your profile and go to “Settings”, where you can make general account changes. If you decide to delete your personal data from the registered user account, you must send an email to, indicating your intention to cancel or delete your account. Bimetica, prior to the cancellation or deletion of your data, will contact you to ensure the identity of the applicant.

To change or modify your password, you must access your account profile and go to “Settings”, where you can make general account changes.

Click on “I forgot my password?” in "Login". Enter the email address you used for registration and click "Submit". You will receive the new password in your email.

The BIM Library has two ways of searching for BIM objects and other content; a search bar to enter the product name or keywords and a category search menu for more general searches.

If the product or content you are looking for does not exist, has the “Request BIM objects” service. In Request BIM Objects you can request the BIM content that you would like to have for your professional project. will contact the corresponding company based on the information you provided. is a platform designed for construction professionals looking for information on products that exist in the market. The benefits are:

Free Download of BIM Objects and other files in different formats (3D CAD Blocks, PDF, Excel, Word, etc.)

Information on products that exist in the market.

Regular updates of product information.

The BIM objects and other downloaded files are endorsed by the manufacturers or product distributors themselves.

Platform with specialized information

The exclusive benefit for the professional is to have up-to-date and faithful information on the products, since it is the companies themselves that provide them, in addition to obtaining specialized knowledge and being able to stay up-to-date on BIM matters

The information in the file is presumed to be current at the time of download. However, recommends that the user regularly check the status of their downloaded files. Be aware of notifications from to regarding the validity of the file. Or download it again to use in a project, since a product may be discontinued, or its information may be updated by the manufacturer or distributor, generating a discrepancy between a file downloaded on an earlier date in relation to the latest changes introduced. The download system has the benefit of constantly updating product information.

That is why Bimetica puts an expiration date on the files, so that manufacturers review and validate their validity regularly.

If you have your account you can download all the files you need for your construction projects for free. is a platform that distributes product information to professionals. In other words, we reach specific market niches and all over the world, by having a global content management system. The specific benefits are:

Distribution of information about your products and brand to construction professionals

The use of the product information in construction projects.

The internationalization of your brand

Management and updating your product information

Obtaining information from the downloads of your products through the Statistics System

Get to know new markets, locally and internationally

Professionals can contact the manufacturing or distribution company through the Company Profile.

The platform provides is the feedback of information between companies and professionals, by downloading product information.

It is the 2D or 3D design of a product that encompasses the geometry, special relationships, manufacturer information, as well as the quantities and properties of the components of its construction or assembly.

Have the current version of the BIM software installed. Autodesk® Revit®, Graphisoft® Archicad® and Nemetschek® Allplan® are some examples. It is necessary to verify that the BIM objects are compatible with the particular software you use.

Revit families are BIM objects that are in .rfa or .rvt format or extension, and used in Autodesk® Revit® software.

Have installed any a current version of Revit® owned by the Autodesk® company.

Click on the “Load Family” button in Revit®. A screen will appear in the folder of families available to use in Revit®. Select the desired family and accept. To use the family, go to the most appropriate component button to position your family in the project.Also, a family can be loaded by dragging the file from Windows Explorer into Revit®.

For adequate access to the portal it is necessary to have a computer capable of emitting 32 bit color and a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. The portal is compatible with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 / 4, and Apple Safari 4 / 5.

For the use of BIM content, it is necessary to have installed the appropriate software (and version) for the type of content downloaded. For the technical requirements of the software consult your manufacturer or distributor.

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