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Download more than BIM files

On the Bimetica platform you can find construction products and materials in different BIM formats in up to 32 languages.

By downloading and specifying BIM files in your projects, you will be improving the economy and your personal, and company´s, performance. You don't have to spend time modeling BIM objects or verifying manufacturer's product information; we´ve already done it for you.

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Create, Organize and Specify your projects

If you need to have the information of construction product files organized by projects, we can provide a solution. In Bimetica, we have devised the “My Projects” tool, where you can assign product information to each project.

This function will also help you classify your projects, by different criteria, such as Category, LOD Level, Situation, Square meters, Value, Type of initiative, Project language and more data.

Classify your projects and save time searching, organizing and downloading files.

Request tailor made quotes

In Bimetica, you can access product prices and request budgets for products subject to the conditions of your project.

With the “Quotation Request” tool, not only can you request the manufacturer to give you a price for a certain number of products, but you can also show in which country and city you will need its products, and what the delivery date should be. delivery.

You will know the global price conditioned to delivery logistics, and with it compare manufacturers by price and services.

Access to BIM Technical Support.

A team of BIM professionals at your disposal.

If you have specific needs for a BIM project, or transfer a CAD project to BIM, or move up a LOD level, or a tender that requires you to work in BIM, we can help you.

On the platform we have manufacturing companies that can share the technical team and help you in your projects.

With this solution you will maximize your investment, knowledge and efforts. Access another level of collaborative work with BIM technical support.

If you can't find the product or file, request it!

It is normal that when developing a project you have to specify a multitude of products and sometimes you will not find all the ones you need.

For this reason, at Bimetica, we offer a free BIM object search and development service for those particular products that you require.

Through this service, you can tell us the manufacturer, the product series of products that are required in BIM, the software, the version and language, and criteria that adapts the development to your project´s needs.

Don't spend unnecessary time modeling BIM objects and looking for product information, optimize your resources and trust Bimetica, we have more than 11 years modeling BIM objects for manufacturers and professionals.

Contact manufacturers

Bimetica has a broad range of manufacturers and distributors of construction products. Through the

Contact the Manufacturer tool, you can contact them and request technical, commercial or specific information.

By registering, you will be able to use the contact tool and start a technical or commercial dialogue.

Quality Content.

To develop a good BIM project, several aspects must be taken into consideration. One of them, and of great relevance, is being able to specify Quality BIM objects.

In Bimetica we take into consideration the weight of the file, the structure of parameters, the data itself, and the usability and traceability of the BIM files in the projects; For this reason, we have developed the GDO-BIM Standard for the development of BIM Libraries. Being a free and open standard for international use.

The GDO-BIM Standard, allows to generate better BIM files with more guarantees. We strive so that the manufacturer can provide its libraries under this quality and standardization.

The goal is to achieve higher quality projects. Access and download the contents with GDO-BIM.

Share information with your colleagues

BIM (Building information Modeling) is a collaborative methodology, and sharing information can be a good resource to make projects grow.

If you are working with other colleagues and on different projects; the Bimetica platform has the tool "Recommend BIM downloads".

With this function, you will be able to send product information to your co-workers, recommending those BIM objects for download and subsequent use in their projects, thereby collaborating to improve team performance.

Use our "User Service" service

Do you have a query, or a suggestion, or do you want to propose a collaboration?

At Bimetica we trust professional users who want to innovate and stand out; for this reason we are at your disposal to collaborate, through our User Service.

Our brand motto is “BIM by your side”. Contact us!

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