About us

At Bimetica we specialize in BIM consulting for companies that manufacture construction products and materials.

Our trajectory is endorsed by more than 11 years working with manufacturing companies and professional offices at a national and international level.

  • Objective
    Since our origin, our objective has been to offer quality services and content. This being our policy of work, development and consulting.
  • Mission
    Provide added value and knowledge to manufacturers and professionals in the construction industry, prioritizing quality over quantity.
  • Values
    Responsibility in the work practice and commitment to our clients and professional users.
  • Vision
    Democratize and make affrodable BIM content and tools to any company or professional committed to the development of a good construction project.

BIM Libraries are digital specification tools.

A BIM file is the virtual representation of a real product.

The BIM file or BIM object functions as a true specification tool in the design phase, but actively takes part in managing the information during the project's construction and maintenance phases. That is why the quality of the information and the digital model's configuration of the product is so important.

The data, and quality of the configuration, will be the elements by which the tendering professional will include or discard the BIM objects in their construction projects.

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1st International Platform for Quality BIM Objects

Bimetica is the first global platform to offer Quality BIM Libraries. We are present in more than 190 countries and available in 32 languages.

A large part of the BIM objects that make up the downloadable content are developed under the GDO-BIM Standard, which is the most widely used international standard for the development of BIM Object libraries.

Standardized BIM objects have a BIM Quality Certificate for Construction Products. This development guarantees that the BIM objects have been modeled respecting the following quality criteria:

  • Standardized parameters and data.
  • Parameter structure according to the traceability of the information for the different phases, LOD and dimensions in a BIM project
  • Have an equilibrium between the weight of the BIM file in relation to the numerical and text data and graphics of the element
  • Ethical development, by respecting Intellectual Property and Brand Rights.
  • Compliance with the information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Check on the usability of the object in BIM projects.

Bimetica Group

Bimetica belongs to the Bimetica Group.

The Bimetica groupa is one of the largest international companies that offers global solutions in the design and construction environment based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology and associated technologies.

We have a portfolio of 600 clients around the world; our services and content are consumed in more than 190 countries for more than 400,000 impacts on industry professionals.

We currently have 10 brands that offer specialized services to each market sector: Bimetica, Bimchannnel, BIMsupport, Paraproy, BIMCopyright, BIMLegal, NetworkingBIM, BIMGym, ManufacturersBIM and SeguridadWebSite.

Where we are

Bimetica works all over the world, with professionals from different nations who can assist you.

If you want to contact us or request information, you can send us an e-mail to info@bimetica.com or go to our offices:

Bimetica Spain (Head Office)

Calle Villarroel nº 11, Bajo 1º, Calafell (43820), Tarragona, Spain. Phone: + 34 932267322.

You can contact by e-mal according to your work area

Corporate social responsibility

All the members of the Bimetica team are aware of the environmental and social needs that surround our environment. That is why we promote BIM technology, whose objective is to develop more efficient projects, respecting the environment. At Bimetica, we believe that the commitment to sustainable development is a factor for business success. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage companies and professionals in the world of construction with ethical arguments in order to act more responsibly.

From Bimetica, we want to go further. Companies are increasingly related to the phenomena that affect society, it is for this reason that in Bimetica we assume a series of responsibilities and commitments with NGOs that develop projects whose purpose is to improve the infrastructure and quality of life of society.

It is the small gestures that produce the biggest changes and make the difference. Contributing to the development of society means improving the conditions of our environment and with it, the quality of life.

Work with us

Bimetica is an information technology company applied to the world of construction, whose vocation is to provide product information and promote high-quality BIM content, with human capital being the most valuable asset. That is why we follow a selection process for architects, engineers and modellers responding to the following premises: concept of quality and work performance, recognized professional experience, vision of the future and human quality.

If you are interested in joining our team and have computer or software skills with a focus on the construction sector, send us your resume to info@bimetica.com

Bimetica will add the resume to a job board and contact applicants at their convenience. Bimetica will treat the information provided in accordance with the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data.

Develop your BIM business. Representations.

The market of professionals and companies that invest in BIM technology is becoming increasingly important.

The growth rates of BIM projects or the legislation of countries that already mention the BIM methodology are real figures that do not decrease, but rather increase year after year.

At Bimetica, we grow every day and we want to have the best professional team and business partners.

Our group has business models in continuous development and innovation. We currently offer representation by geographical area of ​​the brands and business models of:

Each of these brands develop independent business models, but with links between them to enhance synergies and commercial scope.

If you are a company or entrepreneur and you are interested in having a BIM based business in your work area, you can take advantage of our experience and positioning, contact us!

More information: info@bimetica.com

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