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Ventilated facade of stone plates Naturelle Albamiel

  • Reference

    Ventilated facade

  • Manufacturer

    Areniscas Rosal, S.A.

  • Phone

    34 - 968725656

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    Assembly required

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    EN Language English

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  • Format Autodesk RevitIFC

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Reference: Ventilated facade
Unit price: Consult the product data sheet.
Presentation and sale of the product: Ventilated facade of Albamiel Natural Stone Plates in Revit format
Description: 934/5000

Ventilated facade based on Albamiel N Natural Stone panels by Areniscas Rosal

Our limestones and sandstones are perfect for exterior cladding that seeks to integrate the design with the surrounding environment. Its different color tones and finishes, allow to combine with the open concept-style interior spaces evoking Mediterranean environments and spaces. Used for centuries in architecture, both limestone and sandstone are timeless and offer exclusivity in beauty, comfort and efficiency. Its resistance to the weather positively differentiates them from other natural and material stones, and allows us to enjoy them for a long time in exterior cladding, gaining value and beauty over time. Its benefits as an acoustic insulator and in terms of energy efficiency, protect from heat in summer and cold in winter, are ideal for sustainable construction.
General conditions: Consult the product data sheet.
Country of sale: Spain,
Masterformat Code - Description: -
UNSPSC Code: -
UNSPSC Description: -
Uniclass 2.0 Code: En_50_60_75
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Wet Waste Disposal Tanks
OmniClass Code: 23-11 13 11
OmniClass Description: Piped Field Drainage
COBie Category: -
IFC Description: -:
Certificates: -
Expected service life: Consult the product data sheet.
Height ( mm ): 0.00
Width ( mm ): 0.00
Depth ( mm ): 0.00
Technical characteristics: Used in all types of works and decorative elements. Appetized for outdoors, mainly in pavements and pool finishes; as well as in facades in which great homogeneity and continuity is sought. It requires little maintenance and offers an ideal weathering behavior: It is a very insulating stone, which does not burn to the touch and that balances the level of adhesion with dry or wet soil. It does not produce puddles and easily evaporates the absorbed water due to its open porosity.
Materials and finishes: Albamiel is a natural calcarenite stone cream color with some fossils, of very uniform color and texture. Also available with a slightly veined effect when cut to contraley. This natural stone stands out for its warmth. Its hue transmits the light and heat of the sun in the Mediterranean, with a texture that evokes the calm and beauty of the beaches bathed by this sea. It has a high decorative potential thanks to the subtle veins present naturally.
Energy cost: -
Low emissivity material: -
Low emissivity finish: -
Percentage of recycled materials: -
Environmental data URL: -
General environmental data: -
Product url:
CE certificate:
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