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Tecma-Paint-Termic - Satecma

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    Industrias Quimicas Satecma, S.A.

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    +34 916 664 711

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Referencia Fahrenheit-10.8
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Descripción Aqueous dispersion coating incorporating hollow non-porous glass spherical particles of high purity and strength. Once dry, the product forms a waterproof and highly reflective membrane of the sun's rays, with a high SRI, which contributes to keep the surfaces on which it is applied cold. TECMA PAINT-TERMIC FAHRENHEIT 10.8 forms an elastic membrane that allows the natural expansion of the surface on which it is applied, without cracking. Resists ultraviolet rays and avoids the damage that rainwater can cause. It also reduces the damages caused by corrosion and oxidation, providing a clean appearance and prolonging the life in the case of metallic roofs.
Condiciones generales Consult with the manufacturer's technical-commercial department.
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Características técnicas Nature: Aqueous dispersion Diluent and cleaning solvent: Water Application: Brush, roller, airless gun Application temperature: from +10 to +35 ºC Surface drying time (EN ISO 1517): 1 hour Recommended consumption: From 1 to 1.5 l / m2 Permeability to water vapor (EN ISO 7783-1 / -2) (equivalent air barrier): SD <5 meters Class I (EN 1504-2) Permeable to water vapor Water permeability (EN 1062-3) <0.1 kg / m2.h0,5 Waterproof to water (EN 1504-2)
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URL del producto: http://www.satecma.com/pdf/4198.pdf
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