Bimetica.com is a BIM Channel that distributes BIM content (Revit Families, Archicad Objects, IFC files, etc), 3D Blocks, Specification Sheets, and other construction product information. This BIM Library is primarily aimed at two groups:

Construction industry professionals: Quantity surveyors, Architects, Consultors, Interior Designers, Draftsmen, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, MEP Engineers, Structural Engineers, BIM Technicians, Professors and Students. Create your account here

Product Manufacturing Companies: Any company or distributor whose products are used in the construction industy.

Bimetica.com brings product manufacturing companies or distributors and profesionals who are in need of product information together. Bimetica's download system generates a feedback of information about product demand, optimizing market statistics and project development. Create your manufacturer account here

In order to download BIM content/objects or any other types of files you will need to create an account. Once you have logged-in you will have access to files, content requests, product tagging, and new content.

Para crear tu cuenta has de acceder a "Registro usuario" o "Registro fabricante". Al registrarte te solicitaremos algunos datos personales para ofrecerte un mejor servicio. Los datos personales serán guardados y protegidos conforme a la Ley de Protección de Datos Personales.

In order to edit your information, you must access the configuration tab in your account profile. Once there you can make the necessary changes. If you wish to delete all personal registered user data, you must send a letter to Dr. Mart? i Juli? 64, Entlo., L'Hospitalet d'Llobregat, CP 08903, Barcelona, indicating your intention of eliminating your account. Bimetica will contact you, before deleting the account, in order to verify your petition.

To modify your password, you will need to access the configuration tab in your account profile.

Haz click en “¿Has olvidado tu contraseña?” en “Inicio de Sesión”. Escribe la dirección de correo electrónico que has utilizado para la inscripción y haz clic en “Enviar”. Recibirás la nueva clave en tu correo electrónico.

Bimetica's BIM Library has two means of searching for BIM content and other information. Our search bar can be used to filter through key words or you can use our menu to access general categories.

If the product or information you are looking for is not available, Bimetica.com has a "BIM object request service. With our BIM object request form you can ask for products you wand to include on your BIM projects. Bimetica.com will contact the appropriate manufacturer based upon the information provided in the request form.

Bimetica.com is a platform designed for construction industry professionals who search for information about existing market products. The benefits are:

Free download of BIM content/objects and other files in various formats (CAD Blocks, PDF, Excel, Word, etc.)

Actual available product information>>

Periodical updating of product information.

BIM content/objetcs based on actual products that are manufacturer aproved.

BIM Channel with specialized information

The greatest benefit for the industry professionals is receiving actual an acurate product information, since it is provided by the same companies that develop the products. And also, being up to date with any BIM related news and know-how.>>

File information is presumed valid at the moment of doanloading. However, Bimetica.com recomends that the user regularly verifies the state of his/her downloaded files, and be aware of notifications from Bimetica.com. If a file is no longer valid, it can be downloaded again, since product information tends to be updated or discontinued, because the manufacturing company might have replaced the file. T>>

His prevents the use of outdated information. This is another reason why Bimetica includes an expiry date in its files, so that manufacturing companies check their validity constantly.

If you have an account in Bimetica.com, you can download all the files you need for free.

Bimetica.com is a plaform that distributes product information to professionals. We can access specific communities across the world and have a global content management system. The specific benefits are:

Brand Product and information distribution to industry professionals.>>

Use of product information in the development of projects.

Making the brand have international reach.>>

Having control to edit product information anytime.>>

Receiving download analytics.>>

Reaching new, local and internationa, communities.>>

Professionals can get in contact through the company profile's details.

What the Bimetica.com platform provides is the continuous feedback, through downloads by industry professionals.

It is the design of a product in 2D or 3D that is linked to parameters which include information about its size/shape, special characteristics, manufacturer information, and also assembly or component details>>

You will need to have the latest version of the BIM software installed, like: Autodesk(R) Revit(R), Graphisoft(R) Archicad(R) y Nemetschek(R) Allplan(R), amond others. It is necessary to check that the BIM content/objects are compatible with a particular software.>>

Revit families are BIM content/objects that have the .rfa, .rvt, or .rte and are used by Autodesk(R) Revit(R) software.

You will need to have the latest version of the BIM software installed, like: Autodesk(R) Revit(R), Graphisoft(R) Archicad(R) y Nemetschek(R) Allplan(R), amond others. It is necessary to check that the BIM content/objects are compatible with a particular software.

Click on the Load family button. A window will appear, prompting the selection of a family file to load. Select the desired file and load. To use the family, click on the appropriate button (door, window, component, etc) to select the loaded family.

Technical requirements

For adequate access to the website it is necessessary to use a computer with 32 bit color capacity and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The portal is compatible with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 / 4, y Apple Safari 4 / 5.

For the use of BIM content, the correct software (and version) must be installed in order to operate the type of downloaded content. For technical software requirements please consult its respective developer or dealer.

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