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Burin Table H74 D150 - BUD150

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    Viccarbe Hábitat, S.L.

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    34 - 961201010

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참고: BUD150
단가: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department.
프리젠 테이션 및 제품의 판매:

Burin is a symbolic tribute to traditional wood carving tools.

The unmistakeable silhouette of the base runs through this extension of the collection to include a new table with a cen- tral base, available in different heights and a double version for large surface areas.

Conceived for both homes and community spaces, the new Burin table gives continuity to the family that was launched in 2011 with the side table designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Model in Revit, DWG, and IFC formats.

기술: -
일반 조건: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department.
판매 국가: Germany, Australia, Spain, United States of America, France, Italy, United Kingdom, South Africa,
Masterformat 코드 - 기술: 12 50 00 - Furniture, 12 58 23 - Coffee Tables,
UNSPSC 코드: 56101519
UNSPSC 설명: Tables
Uniclass 2.0 코드: Pr_40_50_21
Uniclass 2.0 설명: Desks, Tables And Worktops
하고 OmniClass 코드: 23-21 11 00
하고 OmniClass 설명: Commercial Furniture
COBie 카테고리: IfcFurniture
IFC 설명: IfcFurniture:
인증서: -
예상 수명: Check with the manufacturer
신장 ( mm ): 1500.00
폭 ( mm ): 740.00
깊이 ( mm ): 1500.00
기술적 특징:

Base ‒ central support available in roto-moulded polyethylene in white, black or sand.

Table top ‒ the 30 mm | 1.18” thick cover or work surface is made with microtextured MDF. It is lacquered with one of our collection’s finishes, making it very scratch resistant. It also comes with a solid oak veneer, stained in mate, wenge, cognac or ash. Available in high resistance materials such as HPL with MDF for heavy contract use.

재료 및 마감:


  • White RAL 9003
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Sand NCS 3005Y50R


Laquered (microtexturized)

  • White RAL 9003
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Grey RAL 7004
  • Red RAL 3001
  • Blue RAL 5024
  • Tobacco RAL 8028
  • Smoke RAL 1019
  • Silver 9006
  • Mustard RAL 1012
  • Green RAL 6007
  • Sand NCS 3005Y50R


  • Matt Oak
  • Cognac
  • Wenge
  • Ash

HPL with MDF

  • Black
  • White

Low pressure laminate

  • Black
  • White

Low pressure laminate

  • Black - black edge
  • White - white edge
  • White - black edge
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