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Sofa Sistema Module

  • rujukan

    Sistema Module

  • pengeluar

    Viccarbe Hábitat, S.L.

  • telefon

    34 - 961201010

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  • Jenis produk

    Assembly required

  • serie

    Sistema Module

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  • standard

    tanpa standard

  • format Autodesk RevitIFC

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rujukan: Sistema Module
Harga seunit: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department. EUR
Persembahan dan penjualan produk: Sofa Sistema Module in Revit and IFC
Penerangan: We at Viccarbe have dreamed for years of creating a different type of sofa, unlike anything seen on the market. Our vision has been a very ambitious one, we want to be the first company to create not only a sofa but a complete system composed of independent elements. So, for the first time the client can compose and adapt a sofa using imagination to suit his or her taste, needs and requirement. There is a range of different arms, backrest, seats and accessories to choose from. These elements will be expanded with newly developed components each year, thereby creating an innovative concept that adapts to every situation, never seen before.
syarat am: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department.
Negara jualan: Spain,
Kod Masterformat - Penerangan: 12 50 00 - Furniture,
Kod UNSPSC: 56101532
UNSPSC Penerangan: Furniture set
Uniclass 2.0 Kod: Ss_40_40_30
Uniclass 2.0 Penerangan: Domestic Outdoor Furniture Systems
Kod OmniClass: 23-21 17 00
OmniClass Penerangan: Interior Refuse Disposal Furniture
COBie Kategori: -
IFC Penerangan: -:
sijil: -
hayat berguna dijangka: Check with the manufacturer
tinggi ( mm ): 0.00
lebar ( mm ): 0.00
mendalam ( mm ): 0.00
Ciri-ciri teknikal: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department.
Bahan dan kemasan: Check with the manufacturer's Technical-Commercial Department.
kos tenaga: -
bahan keberpancaran rendah: -
penamat keberpancaran rendah: -
Peratusan bahan-bahan kitar semula: -
URL data alam sekitar: -
data alam sekitar umum: -
url produk:
sijil CE:
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