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Piping Numepress

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    Isotubi, S.L.

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    34 - 937711697

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    Ensamblaje Requerido

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Referencia: Numepress
Precio unitario: Consult the product data sheet.
Presentación y venta del producto: Piping Numepress in Revit and IFC formato
Descripción: The NUMEPRESS system is made up of accessories, tube and pressing tool. Makes it safe and quick to perform many types of facilities in the civilian field, industrial and naval with a range of diameters from 15 mm to 168.3 mm. The extensive supply program allows any type of mounting with technology of the NUMEPRESS system.
Condiciones generales: System with a fast and safe assembly. Reliability in the installation even in severe conditions of use. Reduction of labor. Corrosion resistance. Easy manipulation. It is not necessary to take preventive measures against fires.
País de venta: Alemania, Andorra, España, Francia, Portugal, Reino Unido,
Masterformat Código - Descripción: 22 11 13 - Facility Water Distribution Piping,
UNSPSC Código: 40142322
UNSPSC Descripción: Pipe repair clamps
Uniclass 2.0 Código: Ee_55
Uniclass 2.0 Descripción: Piped Supply Elements
OmniClass Código: 23-27 39 00
OmniClass Descripción: Piping
Categoría COBie: -
IFC Descripción: IfcPipeSegment:
Certificados: -
Vida útil esperada: Consult the product data sheet.
Altura ( ): 0.00
Anchura ( ): 0.00
Profundidad ( ): 0.00
Características técnicas: Consult the product data sheet.
Materiales y acabados: Accessory material: Stainless steel material nº 1.4404 (AISI 316L). Characteristics: Hygienic material, as demonstrated in most applications in the food industry and pharmaceutical. Minimum pressure drop, obtaining higher fluid speeds. Excellent decorative finish avoiding additional painting costs or exterior protections. Lower thermal conductivity than other materials. The presence of molybdenum produces a good behavior in chlorinated environments. Good resistance to oxidation up to a temperature of 900 ºC. Very good mechanical resistance and deformation at high temperature.
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