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Automatic access door PAR 600

  • 참고

    Manusa BIM Library

  • 제조업 자

    Manusa Gest, S.L.

  • 전화

    34 - 900 827 700

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    Assembly required

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    Transportation Products

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    EN Language 영어

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참고: Manusa BIM Library
단가: -
프리젠 테이션 및 제품의 판매: Automatic access door PAR 600 in Revit format

The reversible automatic walkway (PAR) or tariff barrier for controlled access to transport facilities of MANUSA is bidirectional and with hidden 12 mm tempered glass panels. . It accepts glass heights between 1,040 and 1,700 mm and a standard free passage of 600 mm. It facilitates fast, safe and controlled access for people, being a modular system that is easily integrable and adaptable in new or existing installations. The length of the cabinet is approximately 2,200 mm, finished in AISI304 stainless steel (other finishes are possible on request). Two modules (one master and one slave) are required to form an access hall.

일반 조건: Consult with the manufacturer's technical-commercial department
판매 국가: 스페인,
Masterformat 코드 - 기술: 11 14 13.19 - Turnstiles,
UNSPSC 코드: 46161510
UNSPSC 설명: Gate barrier systems
Uniclass 2.0 코드: Ss_25_32_35
Uniclass 2.0 설명: Turnstile Systems
하고 OmniClass 코드: 23-29 13 23
하고 OmniClass 설명: Access Control Turnstiles
COBie 카테고리: -
IFC 설명: -:
인증서: -
예상 수명: Consult the product data sheet.
신장 ( mm ): 0.00
폭 ( mm ): 0.00
깊이 ( mm ): 0.00
기술적 특징: Consult the product data sheet.
재료 및 마감: Consult the product data sheet.
에너지 비용: -
낮은 방사율 소재: -
낮은 방사율 마무리: -
재활용 재료의 비율: -
환경 데이터 URL: -
일반 환경 데이터: -
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